John Mawby

A typeface inspired by people who love books, for people who love books.

John Mawby

John is first and foremost a lettercutter with a passion for the craft of carving letters in stone. Most recently his curiosity for creating letterforms drew him to study typeface design at Reading University.


Q: Were you inspired by any particular writing tool or typographic style?

A: I was primarily inspired by the proprietary types of the private press movement during the beginning of the twentieth-century –most notably those with a curious roman-gothic form. As well as these types I was inspired by the illustration often featured in these private press books; the relationship in weight between text and image, and the mark-making techniques typical of wood-cut, lino-cut, and engraved illustration.

Q: What is something you wish you had done in preparation for the course that could have helped the development of your typeface?

A: A lack of Glyphs familiarity became a limiting factor, had I dedicated more time to familiarise myself with Glyphs prior to the course the typeface and workshops would have likely progressed smoother.


And that’s a wrap! It’s been a pleasure to share the MATD19/20 final projects with you. We would like to send a big thank you to everyone who made this possible: Gerry, Fiona, Fred, Victor, Ewan, Borna, Vaibhav, Cheng, Bianca, Laurence, Frank and all the other lecturers for their time and feedback. Shoutout to coop, Park House, the coffee machine and the farmer’s market.
Typeface: Ohno Type’s Degular.


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